After the deletion of her social media accounts and during her 12 Step Journey, Allison created an experimental body of work to assist her recovery.


1. We admit we were powerless over social technology—that our digital lives made our natural one unmanageable.

Hand carved limestone as penance for Allison's addiction.



3. We realize that excessive time spent online caused us to neglect connection to ourselves and made efforts to improve our wellbeing.

After calculating the amount of time wasted on Facebook, Allison created a series of 5 thaumatrope animations. Each piece places herself in a situation she has always wanted to experience and could have in the time wasted on Facebook.



6. We cease to give in to online documentation of our lives.

This journal provides a physical documentation of Allison's day-to-day through polaroid photographs and found objects.



8. We admit to ourselves, our technological community, and to other human beings the globalized identity we had become.

Allison designed stickers which were then placed by her friends and family in over-Instagrammed settings. This deters others from sharing similar images.

More images here.



10. We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of our connections — both meaningful and superficial.

Allison sorted through her 1,285 Facebook friends, defining the meaning of each relationship.



11. We are entirely ready to lead a life without constant approval from others.

Allison performed a candlelit ceremony to release herself from the desire to receive her average number of Facebook and Instagram likes.



12. We have had a social awakening as a result of these steps; we try to carry this message to social technology users.

Referencing her initial step towards technological freedom, Allison created a bound book to encourage others to admit to their addiction.